No, no this isn't a blog about my love for GoT, even though I'm already having withdrawals from the season being done with already! I want to update you all on a couple little changes happening at Bucci's Bridal, starting in October.

Ok maybe I'm having Game of Thrones withdrawal, but for real, the cooler breeze finally kicked in today and we are ready for boots and sweaters! 

Starting in October, we will be closing Sundays, to open up Thursdays! We understand there are a lot of Packers fans out there (including ourselves!) and a lot of games fall at noon this season, along with holidays, so we are going to give you our all on Saturday, then rest up on Sunday! 

We are shifting our Saturday hours to 11am-5pm, to be open a little later, which has been a greater request lately and we want to be able to better accommodate you! For special events, we will open certain Sundays, but will make sure to announce it ahead of time to help you schedule your appointment. 

Don't forget! December 1st and 2nd we are hosting our very first Stella York Preview Show, which is VERY EXCLUSIVE. Read more information about it here to reserve your appointment time.

Also, we are going LIVE. Join us for "ask us anything" segments on Facebook or Instagram while we tell you new events happening at the store or for your feedback on new styles or fun things we can do here to make your experience even more memorable with us. 

So go sip on your chai tea latte, throw on your Nelson jersey, carve a pumpkin and let's get this season started!

xoxo Melissa