Honest Post Ahead… Today marks the two year anniversary of when Bucci’s Bridal opened its doors and I didn’t think much of it when I woke up this morning, but being the sentimental/sappy person I am, it naturally made me think back.

Grateful and blessed are all I feel right now. This small dream of always wanting to open a business came true and I never thought it would have grown into what it is today, and I can only imagine what is yet to come.

Being a business owner has its perks, who doesn’t want to be their own boss? But it also comes with some very real truths, there were days I doubted why I ever wanted to start this, or worry the risk is too great, and I feel bad for all the times I wanted to spend more time with those I loved, but I had to "be at the store", or took out a long day or weekend on someone because I was “tired” and just wanted to complain. I appreciate all the support and love those people gave me, despite showing my ugly side.

People often ask why I opened this bridal shop, and while I did it because I love having the creative freedom to do whatever I want, it ultimately comes down to where I want to devote my time. I LOVE what I do here and while running a business feels like a 24/7 job, it is worth it for the long term. I hope to keep working towards building a team to run this place with the core values and beliefs I stand behind, while I’ll be able to have more time for those I love, because ultimately love, family, faith, those all come first in life. It is those things that drive me to work harder every day to keep building a future I believe in. 

So thank you if you took the time to read all of this, now you know a little more about the lady behind the Bucci’s Bridal title and I appreciate every single person who has helped contribute to this store, it’s name, and everything it stands for. 

Melissa Bucci